The Lesser Gods Of Lynn (summer 2012)

by Dry Heave

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lost tracks of 2012.


released August 1, 2012

mixed and mastered?



all rights reserved


Dry Heave Lynn, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Abyss
Brightest days are in my past
happiness wasn't meant to last
now all i see are threatening skies
memories are fading from my life
I wonder where my path would have led
bad decisions with the voice in my head
everything comes crashing down
no future for me just here and now

lost most days in my mind
locked away so no one can find
this bastard on the rope
suck the life from me as I choke
drop down to the abyss
I'm sure I'm someone no one will miss
say goodbye as the storm approaches
set fire to my soul let the flames engulf it
Track Name: The Cycle
Blame race every chance that you get
need to treat people with respect
i admit i've been wrong
turning around pain and hating for so long

maybe i'm a hypocrite maybe i grew up
but you can't blame others for your bad luck

sometimes you run into a racist asshole
putting you down is their main goal
but hating them back for the color of their skin
gets you nowhere and no one wins

ignorance is a never ending cycle
Track Name: Sense Of Security
as night falls in sin city
the streets flood with no pity
lost souls and mischievous minds
scum of the earth worst of mankind

punch the clock and your on your way
lost in the troubles of the day
a cold walk home the same walk as before
pass the bodega and the liqour store

but these aren't the same streets
the block changed right under your feet
lost in a sense of security
this place don't care about you or me

but you made a wrong turn
face to face with evil and their eyes burn
now you regret being in the wrong place
you look around but there's no escape
no escape and your lifes gone.