Tomorrow's Skunked Beer

by Dry Heave

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We Broke Up


released October 2, 2013



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Dry Heave Lynn, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Sin City Beez
The loudest ones to bark
are the ones who never bite
you don't know who you are you've never been true in your life
say your about action but you've never made a move
don't get caught slackin' didn't you say you had nothing to prove?

I could see it in your eyes
you said you were on our side
but you're just a fraud I don't recognize

ha I don't talk much
and i don't play games
but I'll tell you whats up
I'm tired of all you lames

shake my hand smile in my face
but I know you'll talk shit from a safe place
it's alright i'll laugh when you try to plead your case
when it comes back to you you won't like the taste
sour sting of knowing your mistakes
lace up your boots and just step
burned your bridges and lost all respect
the good times we'll forget as you live with regret
Track Name: Lessons Learned
taught our whole lives
to live through distractions
as time just fly's by
with no satisfaction
bored with everything
so you try to escape
head filled with nothing
let your mind drift away

its a simple thing really
average isn't so appealing
the tv shows a better life
but that picture isn't right
fill your head with lies
don't you realize?
when you fall to your knees
they wont watch you bleed

i can't take it I can't make it
in a world i see with no place for me
should i let go of everything?
you say that my soul is really free
but now i know my mind is chains
being fed lies has make me weak
this way of life drove me insane
but now i see the error of my ways
done trying to fit your mold today
get your fucking bullshit out of my face
live your own life its ok
don't make your life the price that you will pay
Track Name: Menace To Society
They wanna lock us up
and throw away the key
to take our freedom from you and me
police say they rule the streets
most corrupt force in history
sell their souls to impose laws of the wealthy
then they say that they're helping
its up to the courts to judge
but when the cuffs go on your done

You 're a menace to society
put 'em away lying through your teeth
no longer innocent before proven guilty
so many people you are hurting

no one walks a straight line
one mistake from doing time

i say lock them up and throw away the key
and when their judgement comes down
i'll be laughing
they protect and serve the state
taking that oath was a big mistake
the justice system is a fucking disgrace

never met a good cop
and its a long fall from the top
Track Name: Cut Ties
please dont ask me how i am
cuz I know you don't really care
try to act like your my friend
In reality you're not really there
you say im the one whos wrong
but you know that isn't fair

its all been said and done
but that gets you nowhere
i've dragged myself through the mud
and now im coming up for air

we never saw eye to eye
now i can see it crystal clear
tell me that i should try
but all i want is out of here

stuck going through the motions
acting like we still have a bond
can we fix this i stopped hoping
we never really got along
i should just cut these ties
and drop out of your life
in the end im the one who's wrong
but I'm finally feeling alright
Track Name: Remorse Or Regret
i thought i saw the devil last night
turned to look and he was gone alright
he must be afraid to really face me
god turned his back and the devil wont embrace me

feel the need to repent for my sins
but now i know no ones listening
years spent living with no consequence
so many nights weigh on my conscience

i hope no kids try to look up to me
i can barely handle myself let alone lead
knowing time is a horrible thing to waste
your chance passes by will another take its place?

not trying to preach but tired of speaking hate
i feel with age you need a different mindstate
fate or decision had me lost in this system
visions of change while feeding my addictions
light can shine in all directions
but cant be touched by those in prison
its easier to play victim than own your mistakes
the world moves fast am i a step to late